International Members

Diane Malik, M.A.

Licensed Brain Gym Instructor & Consultant

Perrysburg, Ohio (USA)

As a licensed Brain Gym instructor and consultant for the last 20 years, I have extensive experience using Brain Gym with children of all ages, teenagers, adults, couples, parents, families and seniors.

I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology and am certified as a life coach, health coach and spiritual coach. I am also certified as a professional nanny. I use Brain Gym to help people of all ages with many different types of physical, developmental, mental health, behavioral, emotional, spiritual, learning challenges and special needs. Many of my clients work with preschoolers and I teach them creative ways to use Brain Gym.

Noreen Dougherty

Noreen Dougherty, originally from ocean towns on Long Island, New York anchored on Kauai in 1976 after teaching Elementary School in Perth, Western Australia. She has been immersed in the field of education on many levels in the county of Kauai, both private and public.

In 1992 she simultaneously began her Montessori Teacher Training and Edu-K training in Kamuela Montessori School on the Big Island of Hawaii. Both have served her hand in hand as she incorporates Brain Gym® into every course, workshop, class, and presentation.

In 1996 Noreen opened Montessori Hale, a State licensed Day Care. In 2000 she brought Montessori and Brain Gym® to Island School when she accepted the job to establish their preschool.  Six months later Paul and Gail Dennison taught the Whole Brain Reading course at Island School. Since then she has sponsored and hosted several international instructors, In 2008, Noreen left Island School and returned to Montessori Hale until her retirement in 2019.

As a curriculum developer, Noreen enjoys providing low and no stress learning environments. In addition to sharing the benefits of Brain Gym® with public and Private schools across the state, including Chaminade University and the Hawaii State Legislature, she has offered classes and programs that include Forest Kindergarten, Cursive Writing, ElfLand, and Stress and Its Effect on the Family.

Currently Noreen is working on a huge project to create a Kauai Community Educational and Resource Center which can serve the community, its residents, and possibly become a model that can be used across the country.

Token Plaskett

I am from Salt Lake City Utah in the US. 

I grew up with Brain Gym and TFH, and I have applied it most of my life. 

I am 48yrs old and I love to travel. 

I work with anyone who has experienced stress from trauma.

Je viens de Salt Lake City Utah aux États-Unis.

J’ai grandi avec Brain Gym et TFH, et je l’ai appliqué presque toute ma vie. J’ai 48 ans et j’aime voyager. Je travaille avec toute personne qui a subi un stress causé par un traumatisme.

Minaz Ajani

Masters in Sp.Ed (Learning disabilities), P.G.Dip. in Counseling Psychology.
Faculty member of Breakthroughs International. Movement Based Learning & Touch For Health Instructor.
Co-founder of Learn Studio and Spedathome.

Céline Sorin

J’ai commencé ma formation BG il y a 20 ans et je suis aujourd’hui une animatrice et accompagnante heureuse de continuer à explorer le mouvement, la créativité et l’équilibre avec étudiants, clients et collègues! Je suis également très active auprès BG France et Breakthrough Int. avec de magnifiques personnes et de beaux projets chaque année. 
Je vis sur la côté ouest de France, dans une campagne propice à la marche, la contemplation et le partage et je l’exprime avec plaisir dans le crayonnage en miroir que je pratique quotidiennement.