Our Partners

A vibrant community thrives when there are fun and dynamic ongoing opportunities for connection on-line and in person. The links provided here are meant to inspire and elevate Brain Gym in Canada through the sharing of information, resources, and professional development opportunities.

Brain Gym® International (DBA Breakthroughs International) official website. They offer transformative movement-based learning programs supporting the ability to thrive amidst life’s changes. Official accreditation body for Canadian Brain Consultants / Instructors. Breakthroughs International
Dr Paul and Gail Dennison’s website on the topic of movement-based learning. Consistently posted blogs by Paul and Gail —their thinking about Educational Kinesthetics and its applications—along with case study examples. A wonderful resource for photos, short videos, research, and find fun crafts, sensory-integration games, and innovations on the application of the Brain Gym 26 with students of all ages. Hearts at Play
The official online Brain Gym® bookstore. They ship anywhere in the world, offering pedagogical materials such as posters, activity cards, books and cds in English. Brain Gym® Bookstore
Our sister organization in France, which greatly inspired the creation of Brain Gym Canada! This dynamic group created a network of high quality Educational Kinesthetics instructors and consultants that ensures the professional code of ethics is respected and officially represents and administers Edu-K in France. Brain Gym® France
Bioenergetic Wellness offers integrated health and wellness options for individuals, their families, and communities by supporting  the body’s natural healing potential, identifying personal goals for overall wellbeing, choosing from the many available health options in order to experience holistic bioenergetic wellness at work and achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Brain Gym Canada is a proud to be recognized as a partner association of Canbewell. CanBeWell
Developmental Kinesiology was founded by its creator, Renate Wennekes in Damme Germany. It is the branch of Kinesiology that addresses early childhood development and works on internal and external growth on all levels of life and learning: connect with your inner strength and energy; pursue projects that are dear to your heart; establish clarity in your relationships and in your life. Developmental Kinesiology courses are recognized for licensure by Brain Gym® International. A wonderful complement to the Brain Gym body of work. Developmental Kinesiology
Based on the original teachings of founder and creator Dr. Harald Blomberg, Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training Canada is committed to training teachers, parents, and anyone interested to use rhythmic movements to help children who struggle with challenges such as self-regulation, autism, ADD, dyslexia, and more. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Canada