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Brain Gym, Sing Your Voice – Voix et Chant

Friday / Vendredi 2021/10/01
This workshop invites you to discover the alchemy between movement and vibration. We will experiment with some Brain Gym Movements as well as various vocal exercises, in order to free your (public) expression potential.
L’atelier propose de découvrir l’alchimie entre mouvement et vibration. Vous pourrez expérimenter les mouvements de Brain Gym® et des exercices vocaux divers et variés pour libérer votre potentiel d’expression en public.

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Dancing into Presence – Danser vers la présence

We know Movement is essential and that Brain Gym® offers many movement opportunities. Let’s explore how bringing awareness to the WAY we use Time, Space, Energy and Flow affect the Quality of our movement.
Nous savons que le mouvement est essentiel et que le Brain Gym® offre de nombreuses possibilités de mouvement. Nous allons explorer comment la prise de conscience de la MANIÈRE dont nous utilisons le temps, l’espace, l’énergie ainsi que la fluidité affecte la qualité de notre mouvement.

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CanBeWell Book Launch

Join the launch of BioEnergetic Essentials, a free guide to simple activities you can do to maintain ease and calm in your world.

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Brain Gym Interludes: Summer Series

One special Friday every month come and play with some fellow Brain Gym friends from around the world. In collaboration with Brain Gym France we are beginning this monthly series of interludes to connect, play and share Brain Gym….

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