410-LOM: Language of Movement


301-ID: Edu-K In Depth


24 hours


Elective Credit
“Movement is life…although we may think of ourselves in terms of rational, cognitive skills… it is our emotions and their movement through the body which gives meaning to our lives.” – Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. This course will increase the knowledge and expertise of the Brain Gym® consultant who works one-on-one with the advanced Educational Kinesthetics process. Additional Structural Realm procedures will be taught for deeper relaxation and increased core muscle integration, as well as several new Acu-Realm procedures for increased vitality and body efficiency. Procedures presented:
  • The Integration Check: to anchor In-Depth balances
  • Circuit lock: to clear compensatory movement patterns
  • The Receptive/Expressive Hands: for more accurate finger-mode testing.
  • The complete Receptive/Expressive Mode: for optimal balancing.