401-P: Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum


101-BG, 201-OBO, 301-ID


16 hours of anatomy, 96 hours of electives


Required for licensure and final step for certification

Designed for those who wish to develop and successfully teach Brain Gym® in a class or private format. Provides instruction in theory, teaching methods, and procedures, and development of an action plan for achieving professional goals. Open to students who have completed all the steps of the required curriculum (see licensing tab), as well as having completed all required case studies and balances.

On successful completion and signing of the sublicense agreement you will be accepted as a member of a worldwide network of qualified instructors of the Brain Gym program and Edu-K Consultants working with individuals and groups.

The Practicum certificate acknowledges that you have completed all the steps in your training as well as completing all the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum course requirements. Once qualified you will be required to maintain your professional status by completing 48 hours of training every four years.

You will be exploring: Brain Gym® movements, all the Brain Gym® 101 balances and gently transition from being a Brain Gym® student to becoming a Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant.