360-CV: Creative Vision


301-ID: Edu-K In Depth / 220-VC: Visioncircles (recommended)


24 hours


Elective Credit
Gain new understanding of how vision and movement relate to learning and other life skills. Experience dynamic personal growth and change the vision of your life. Receive new and expanded understanding of the pre-checks and educational opportunities in laterality, centering, focus and motivation dimensions. Acquire the knowledge, hands-on practice and confidence necessary to make Creative Vision an integrated part of your Edu-K consulting. “Vision is a mental act, dependent upon how we perceive the world and interact with it.” –Paul Dennison, Ph.D Creative Vision presents an exploration of vision and the relationship of vision to movement, academic skills, other senses and the accompanying foundational kinesthetic skills developed in infancy and early childhood. The Creative Vision course provides a structure to improve visual information processing by unveiling hidden perceptual gifts blocked by the survival mechanism. It provides a tool for the release of inefficient visual habits including visual and postural compensations and the re-establishment of whole brain visual processing. It utilizes the advanced Educational Kinesthetics (Edu-K) process in its intrinsically non-intrusive manner that recognizes that each person’s adaptation to his or her life experience is part of a complex and personal pattern.