350-MRE: Movement Re-education


301-ID: Edu-K In Depth


24 hours


Elective Credit
Movement Re-Education, a course created by Dr Paul and Gail Dennison, focuses on the relationship between muscle strength and the body’s inner awareness of its position in space (proprioception). This course explores how equilibrium and balance are established and maintained through communication between the brain and the neural receptors at the cellular level of the body. Spend three enriching, and expansive days exploring your own unique movement patterns, and integrating a sense of a new body moving in space. This class builds upon what you learned in the Structure Realm of the In-Depth course. We will start by reviewing the four procedures learned in the Movement Re-Ed portion of your In-Depth course, and then we will expand your experience and training by sharing procedures for fourteen additional muscles, which restore core movement to the whole system. You will experience a freedom of movement and relaxation in your body that will allow better integration of the body and mind and allow a new ease to the learning process.  It will then be easier for your students and clients to achieve the integration they desire.