335-PO: Peaceful Power of One: Resources for Resolution


101-BG: Brain Gym® 101


24 hours


Elective Credit
This course provides skills and practice in resolving conflict whether the conflict is within the self, between individuals or between the individual and a “group”. In facing conflicts, we have the opportunity to test the strength of our inner convictions and to build on them, as we learn to increase:
  • Conscious skills of communication
  • Community building
  • Personal growth
  • The crown of responsibility
Most importantly, by exploring, discovering and applying the resolutions they create, we are supporting students in the most vitally human experience they can have: the successful application of their own ideals. Developed by Sharon Plaskett, long-time International Faculty for Brain Gym International, this course is now taught by her daughter Token Plaskett, instructor for Touch for Health and Educational Kinesthetics.