325-HEA: Happy Ever After-From Victim to Master


301-ID: Edu-K In Depth


24 hours


Elective Credit
Stress can trigger disease, learning difficulties, addictions and unhappiness. Low self-esteem and unresolved trauma often lie at the root of our stress. In this course participants will learn to: build self-esteem in self and others, deal with difficult and/or negative people, take charge of emotions, negotiate win-win solutions, deal with life’s challenges, and more.   Even though we do not want to admit it, at times we feel like a victim of life. The time has come to let go of the Victim and become the Master of your life, by applying the tools you will learn in this course. Living the best version of yourself while enabling others to do the same by building self-confidence, developing emotional intelligence, reducing anxiety, releasing unresolved trauma and most importantly prevention from becoming a victim in the future. This course was created by Hannah Kok, Educational Kinesthetics instructor and renowned author from South Africa.