311-TCR: Total Core Repatterning


301-ID: Edu-K In Depth


24 hours


Elective Credit
Learn to combine repatterning techniques with the testing of 42 muscle pairs in order to release primitive homolateral reflexes which interfere with learning and mature motor control. These techniques support individuals at a physiological level, enhancing motor skills required for writing, reading, movement, dance, sports, etc. Course content:
  • Review Dennison Laterality Repatterning and 3-Dimensional Repatterning
  • Learn to test 42 muscles and complete a 42 muscle repatterning
  • Understand the relationship of reflexive behavior to integrated movement balance and skeletal alignment
  • Learn core repatterning techniques to deepen your balances
  • Recognize primitive homolateral reflexes which become integrated by repatterning
  • Understand the relationship of repatterning to brain organization for movement
  • Learn to release neurological patterns which prevent wellness
  • Experience core repatterning techniques which activate core muscles and core reflexes for infants, handicapped, and special cases