310-PBEID: Physiological Basis of Edu-K In Depth


301-ID: Edu-K In Depth


16 hours


Anatomy or Elective Credit
The Physiological Basis of Edu-K In-Depth is a 16-hour course that brings an understanding of the physiology behind the Dimensions and Realms and allows us to become more powerful facilitators of this elegant and profound work.  A complete in-Depth balance is included in the course, allowing us to fine tune our skills, be more educationally and emotionally effective and create the space for major transformation to occur in our own lives and those of the people we support. Some of the topics included such as the Unified Consciousness Field, the science behind muscle checking, support from the heart as well as physiology of the Integrated Movements and the In-Depth Learning Menu represent a lifetime of study and scientific research by world renowned author and biologist, Dr Carla Hannaford.