240-BPR: Balance and Power of Resonance


101-BG: Brain Gym® 101


16 hours


Elective Credit
The Balance & Power of Resonance is a scientific, experiential exploration of resonance/sound, conscious listening, voice and music.  Three Powerful Balances for:  DEEP LISTENING, VOICE , and CREATIVITY are an integral part of this course.  Brain Gym and associated movement/sound activities are used to facilitate listening, language development, healthy emotions, life-long learning, and joy in all aspects of one’s life.  Come ready to listen to your heart, sound your instrument, and play and grow from the core of your creative center. Created and presented by Dr. Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., an internationally acclaimed Educator, Biologist and author with more than forty years teaching experience. She is a musician and author of Smart Moves, The Dominance Factor, Awakening the Child Heart and Playing in the Unified Field.