223/224-MD: Movement Dynamics


101-BG: Brain Gym® 101


16 hours


Elective Credit
Movement Dynamics Part 1: Exploring the three dimensions Experience the joy of movement expression through a deepening of the three Edu-K dimensions and balances for such goals as improved nonverbal communication. Learn playful Cross Crawl variations and new applications for this expanded Edu-K menu. Movement Dynamics Part 2: flow medleys       Discover the pleasure of doing Brain Gym® and Vision Gym® to integrating music in easy movement flows. Includes new balances for Dynamic Ergonomics and movement development. Experience several new Brain Gym® movements, supporting everyone’s own unique, freedom of movement, advancing towards our goals with fluidity, openness, confidence and joy. We will observe to what extent our goals (and what they represent), impact the way we move, as we increase flow and movement vitality whether in a group or private setting. The benefits of this course go far beyond relaxation and wellness, and include energy balance, as well as the exploration and in-depth integration of the three dimensions (right-left, up-down, front-back). The movements and flow medleys presented here are ideal for Educational Kinesthetics workshops.