222-MEII: Movement Exploration II


221-MEI: Movement Exploration I


32 hours


Elective Credits
In Depth Experience of the Developmental Movement Patterns The emphasis of this course is on core development, limb coordination, and sensory integration. You will experience an in-depth exploration of the locomotor developmental movement patterns with correlation to movement and behavior through life: Spinal – developing the perception of attention; understanding the front and back sides of the body Homologous – developing stability, ability to move into action; understanding the top and bottom of the body Homolateral – developing intention; understanding the left and right side of the body Contralateral – coordinating the front, back, top, bottom, left and right sides of the body; integrating intention, action and attention Supporting this education is the role of Whole-Body Breathing, Mouthing and Navel Radiation.  As each pattern is experienced and practiced, transition and sensory integration is strengthened. These patterns provide the rehearsal of the movement experience necessary to integrate the infant reflexes into volitional control and a more complex system of movement. Challenge in performing the movement patterns inhibits learning and sensory integration. You will learn and experience in-depth repatterning techniques to support the integration of the movement patterns, limb coordination and core stability. This is the second in a 4-course series developed by noted Educator, teacher and sports coach, Carol Ann Erickson.