221-MEI: Movement Exploration I




32 hours


Elective Credit
Integrating the reflexes that build the developmental movement patterns. This course explores seven developmental movement patterns and the underlying reflexes that lay the foundation for our movement vocabulary from. We learn about the development and integration of these early movement patterns as a foundation for learning and self-management. Integration techniques include developmental repatterning techniques, core stabilization repatterning, navel radiation, gait points, and more for reflexes including but not limited to Moro, Fear Paralysis, ATNR, STNR, Babkin, Spinal Galant, Neck Mobility, Tonic Lumbar, Lumbar Reach, Abdominal, and Oral rooting. Explore and deepen your noticing skills for observation of yourself and your students. Develop more connection and coordination in your body. Understand learning and behavioral challenges from a developmental movement perspective. Explore the life metaphors these movement patterns embody. This is the first in a 4-course series developed by noted educator, teacher and sports coach, Carol Ann Erickson.