205-DF: Dominance Factor


(Recommended not required) 101-BG: Brain Gym® 101 or 103-PBE: Physiology of Learning


16 hours


Elective Credit
The Dominance Factor Course is a synthesis of research and experiential understanding of how the Basal Dominance Pattern, developed at approximately 9 weeks in-utero, affects how we function in stressful (survival) situations, as well as our perceptual and expressive preferences, the way we gain knowledge, and how we respond in relationships . The course assists participants to be aware of the wide diversity of dominance patterns and how they differ from one’s own, which leads to deeper understanding and more effective inter-relationships in the home, school and workspace. The practical application of integrative cross-lateral tools from Brain Gym®, Vision Gym®, and other integrated movements assist whole brain and sensory function beyond these limited patterns to enrich every part of one’s life. This course is based on Dr. Carla Hannaford’s extensive research in the field of dominance profiles and their relationship to learning.