170-SP: Brain Gym® for Special Education Providers




32 hours


Elective Credit
This course, created by Cecilia Koester, demonstrates Brain Gym® along with special modifications to aid parents, teachers, and health professionals in their work with children and adults who have special needs. There is an emphasis on how to determine which Brain Gym® movements and activities to use by looking at the needs of the child/adult through the lens of the three dimensions of learning. Participants will learn how to assess the needs of the child/adult, develop a program to meet those needs, evaluate the program, and modify as learning and growth occurs. The newly acquired skills will be easily applied in a variety of mental and physical challenges, including autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADD or ADHD), Angelman’s Syndrome, speech impairment, brain injuries, blindness, deafness, and impairments caused by strokes.